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Posted 04 - April - 2011 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga

Unfortunately we are currently having problems accepting payments via PayPal.

Our account has been temporarily limited. PayPal have confirmed confirmed that they have all the documentation needed to remove this limitation, although they have been confirming this with us for over a week...

We have been told the limitation will be lifted within 24 hours. Until our account is restored you will not be able to upgrade to a Pro account.

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Posted 14 - March - 2011 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga

Ever since releasing Pro+ accounts last month we’ve been hard at work inventing, coding, featurising, installing, testing and forever twirling, twirling.

Why? Because even though ManageFlitter is good, nay, awesome...
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Posted 12 - February - 2011 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga

After several months of development, we’re pleased to release a big update for ManageFlitter!

There are some improvements across the board which everyone can take advantage off;

  • Faster and more reliable loading of data from Twitter
  • ...
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Posted 05 - October - 2010 - James Peter @zemaj

Access to ManageFlitter was disabled for around 50 hours over Tuesday and Wednesday. For a couple of days before that unfollows were not being completely processed. This blog post is an explanation of what occurred.

We had our...

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Posted 01 - October - 2010 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga

There appears to be a problem with some of the unfollows through the system not being processes.

These unfollows are being sent to Twitter through the API, but the changes to not appear on people's accounts.

We are currently investigating this problem and will post another update here once it is resolved.


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Posted 25 - September - 2010 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga

First up; thanks for your continued support! We've now processed over 57,000,000 unfollows for 140,000 users. That's a lot of unfollowing!

As we continue to grow, we occasionally hit up against limits that twitter has put in place to restrict agressive activity on their system. Some of our most active users have been hitting these limits which has caused Twitter to take down our service for everyone. It also means that it has sometimes taken a very long time to process your unfollows. We apologize for this inconvenience.

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Posted 03 - August - 2010 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga
We are happy to announce that the system has been successfully upgraded. Changes include: - Significant usability and processing speed improvements. - Various bug fixes - Various feature enhancements. Outstanding issues: There appears to be a small glitch with outgoing emails - so email reports and login confirmation emails may not currently be received - we are aware of this and looking into this issue. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment here or email . The team. Update: 3 August 12:15 PM Sydney Australia Time - email is back up and there are no outstanding issues with the upgrade.
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Posted 30 - July - 2010 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga
We will be doing some major infrastructure updates to our core backend systems over the weekend July 30 - August 2 2010. There may be some system downtime at times. Please be patient with us. All should be resolved by August 2 2010. Thanks. Team
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Posted 29 - July - 2010 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga
Ok! So the new infrastructure has been thoroughly tested and is all in place - we are hoping that by weekend of Saturday 8 August 2010 our brand spanking new infrastructure will be in place for all of our users to use. If there are any delays we will let you know on this blog. This upgraded system should be blindingly fast and stay blindingly fast. Our existing system is still a relic of our prototype and it outgrew our client base. A couple of months back we literally started from scratch and built new backend infrastructure that will allow for growth. The main thing is our system should soon be super fast for all to enjoy. We appreciate your patience and support. Kevin, James & the team
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Posted 12 - July - 2010 - Kevin Garber @ke_ga
Hi We are excited to announce that we are in the very final stages of testing our new infrastructure. The new version will be made live once we have ironed out any remaining bugs. We know that at times our system has been under significant load which has caused problems for some users. We have spent a significant amount of time and resources totally reworking the backend infrastructure to allow for lots of future growth. Hopefully all load issues will soon be a thing of the past. We appreciate your patience - the improved speed and performance will be significant and greatly improve your experience. Please feel free to send any questions to Regards, Kevin, James & the team